Tuesday, July 19, 2005

BC peaches blueberries and Cider

My wife and I are enjoying some local British Columbia peaches and blueberries. We also tried a new Okanagan cider. It is a great ending to a summer day. It is probably the coolest summer Tara and I have ever experienced. In a typical Kansas summer we would often have weather warm enough to fry eggs on the pavement. We often don't know what the weather is because everything is in metric, but we are trying to learn. The last few days have probably reached a high around the upper 70's.

I spent a few hours today talking with United airlines. The last time we flew to Kansas City we had a lot of trouble with them. Therefore, we are trying to give them another opportunity to keep our business. At one point today the lady with United airlines said, "Your business is not worth giving you vouchers to fly with us." That was the general tone of the conversation and sent me back to what seems to be the beginning by having to write another letter. We will have to see what happens.

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