Friday, June 16, 2006

Top of the Chief

This is a picture of us climbing "The Chief" in Squamish, BC. It is an amazing hike and climb if you ever get the chance. We climbed and hiked with (from L to R): Tom, Tara, Cabe, Betty, and Jero.

ARC'TERYX factory outlet sale

If you are in Vancouver, BC any time between June 23rd and June 25th you need to come check out the Arc'teryx factory outlet sale. Usually they will have one item that is actually affordable.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Disc Golf

I just found out there is going to be a big disc golf tournament up here in Vancouver. However, I will be gone... bummer. I would have won some big buck$.
.. :(

hope in the prison system

I watched Larry King Live inside San Quentin and was intersted to hear from the prisoners there. Larry ended the show by saying his conversation with the prisoners brings a 4 letter word into his mind....h-o-p-e!

Check out the good stuff going on in the prison system called Prison University program