Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The inside poop

Our baby Sheehan is 6 weeks old today! For at least the past 6 weeks Tara and I have been trying to find out which diapers work best for us and the environment. We like the idea of cloth diapers, however, it really has not been feasible to use them on a new born as he poops A LOT! Therefore, we did some research and found some "environmentally friendly" disposable diapers. I thought Seventh Generation diapers would be a good option, however, although they work well they are not made out of completely compostable material and are made at least partly of petrolium products. We have been using a diaper from Nature Babycare that is both effective and compostable. Plus if you buy them from you get a $10 discount on your first purchase by using our refferal code of HXNE5101. Here is a link about the pros and cons of both cloth and disposable diapers

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