Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Purpose Driven in Rwanda

I know most of us have heard of The Purpose Driven Life/Church. It almost seemed that the author (Rick Warren) was just riding a wave of popularity and trying to profit on what people wanted to hear. I was in a Purpose Driven small group and thought, "wow! This seems to be a fad like the Prayer of Jabez."

In my Sermon on the Mount class with DARRELLJOHNSON I found it fascinating to hear what Rick Warren was up to these days. Dr. Johnson told us about how Dr. Warren has had a change of heart and is an example of being light to the world. Specifically Dr. Warren has donated all of his salary from the past 30 years back to his home church. He is able to do this as a result of the popularity of his books. He also has been tithing 90% of the income from his book sales. A sign of a changed life.

To top it off he has joined with Bill Hybels of Willow Creek in Chicago to combat aids in Africa! Check out "Purpose Driven in Rwanda" in Christianity Today

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