Monday, August 01, 2005

Totem poles, Bag pipes and a flat tire

Today was BC day. A random Canadian holiday just to give people a day off.

We went on a bike ride with Julio and Lisa hoping to go all the way around Stanley park on the sea wall. However, my Panaracer Pascal TX tire went flat. Therefore, we stopped at the totem pole section of Stanley park and listened to bag pipers for awhile. We were also looking for someone who had a bike pump and were unable to find anyone. Finally once we tried to air it up it would not hold any air.

Julio and I rode downtown to see if we could find an inner tube. But all the rental places didn't carry tubes. So we went to the bike shop at Pacific and Burrard. Which just closed and the guy inside was not kind enough to sell us an inner tube.

So I got the car and picked everyone up. We got some food and laughed about all the adventures we had.

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